Catherine Hardwicke om att casta Robert Pattinson som Edward Cullen

Newsweek har gjort en intervju med våran Twilight regissör Catherine Hardwick, där hon berättar om när hon skulle rollbesätta Edward Cullen! Ursäkta för att den är på Engelska, hoppas det inte gör något!

*For Twilight, Hardwicke had trouble finding an actor otherworldly enough to play vampire Edward Cullen. Then she got a call about a guy in London. “I looked at a couple pictures and was like, ‘I’m not sure,’?” Hardwicke says. “He had been fired from his last job, he was unemployed, he was in debt.” Pattinson flew to Los Angeles on his own dime to read with Stewart. “I have footage of their first meeting at my dining-room table,” Hardwicke says. “Kristen was like, ‘It’s got to be Rob!’ She felt connected to him from the first moment. That electricity, or love at first sight, or whatever it is.” Hardwicke gave him the part, but he had to make a promise. “You’ve got to realize that Kristen is 17 years old,” she told him. “She’s underage. You’ve got to focus, dude, or you’re going to be arrested. I made him swear on a stack of Bibles.”

 * When Hardwicke auditioned Evan Rachel Wood for Thirteen, she had her get into her bed with Nikki Reed. That’s also where Pattinson kissed Stewart for the first time in his Twilight screen test. “That bed made Pattinson who he is right now,” says Reed. Asked about her lair, Hardwicke laughs. “MTV came and did an episode in my house filming the bed. It’s legendary,” she says, flashing a wide—dare we say wolfish—grin.*


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Ny WFE trailer på G!

Tänk vad twitter kan göra en glad, längtar tills man får se trailern!
Mer Robert = Glada fans, och glada fans kan man ju aldrig få för mycket av? ;)

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Ny Red Riding Hood poster!

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David Slade tackar fansen!

via Davislade @ twitter

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Ny intervju med David Slade!

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