Twilight The Graphic Novel, volume II

Den kommer att finnas i butik den 11 oktober 2011 i USA och antagligen har den samma releasdatum i Sverige för volume 2 hade samma releasdatum förra året.
Breaking Dawn TWILIGHT SPREAD Good news! Twilight Graphic Novel, Volume II Set To Be Available In Book Stores In October 2011 stephenie meyer

Twilight Graphic Novel, Volume II by Stephenie Meyer, art and adaptation by Young Kim is finally coming to book stores October 11, 2011.  Published by Yen Press, the graphic novel imprint of Hatchette Book Group.  The book is to be published in eBook and hardcover for $19.95 with a first printing of 350,000 copies.

When the first volume of first Twilight Graphic Novel made an appearance in stores last year  it enjoyed phenomenal success in sales.   Fans of Twilight everywhere, including it’s author Stephenie Meyer, have anxiously awaited this new volume.

Said Stephenie, “Knowing how beautifully Young Kim rendered the Twilight universe in the first volume, I couldn’t wait for this next one.  Her illustrations of settings and characters gorgeously capture the world and are very close to what I saw in my mind’s eye while I was writing Twilight.”

Both the first and the second volumes of the Twilight Graphic Novel beautifully portray the Twilight meadow scene: the first, showing Bella lying on the grass gazing fondly, her hand intertwined with Edward’s.  The second volume continues the artwork with Edward, his hand in Bella’s.

It is a lovely portrait of the meadow scene.  This book looks to be a welcome addition to the collections all Twilight fans.  I can’t wait to own it and revisit the timeless love story and see the beautifully drawn illustrations.




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